Love Your Tent

  • Cosy camper wants all festival goers to love the environment
  • Cosy camper is committed to a sustainable festival experience
  • Cosy camper is asking you to please do not leave your tents and any other camping equipment at the end of the festival
  • A tent is for life, not just for one festival or summer
  • Love festivals, love your tent


Here are some other important environmental issues to think about when you are coming to a festival:

  • journey

    Think about your journey

    Use public transport or car share!

  • waste

    Zero waste

    Take home what you bring don’t let it go to landfill

  • limit

    Limit what your bring

    You’ll need to carry it home

  • recycle

    Recycle all you can

    Tins, bottles and packaging

  • Don’t leave any litter

    Clean up after you

Here is the cosy deal – if you’re not taking your tent home please pack up and return to Cosy Camper for your tent and camping items to be recycled.